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Congrats on the Pluto flyby!
07-15-2015, 02:33 AM
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RE: Congrats on the Pluto flyby!
(07-14-2015 09:58 PM)Steve Simpkin Wrote:  
(07-14-2015 08:50 PM)Bill (Smithville NJ) Wrote:  I have alerted my grand children that they should watch this historic event.

Bill, don't be too surprised if they end up watching it on their phones or tablets while messaging a number of their friends at the same time.
Brave new world indeed...

Hi Steve,

They ended up watching it as a family. They called me right after they had watched it. They were disappointed that there weren't any photos. I told them to check tomorrow - NASA should be posting some photos as they get them.

I should have said that you don't need to find NASA TV on your cable channels - just go to NASA TV online. They stream three channels, all in excellent quality.

There's a very interesting article that goes into why it takes so long to get the data:

Talking to Pluto is Hard

Smithville, NJ
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