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Check if an app is active, use AVar()
07-19-2015, 04:56 PM
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RE: Check if an app is active, use AVar()
thank also to Tyan input.

The "unmatch control word" was generated by an error of mine: it was recalled a function of Astro Lab 4 with a similar name, not mine! corrected a "J" in "j" it works also when Astro Lab is not installed with a code like this one:


  // Use Astro Lab 4 if installed (greatest precision)
    IFERR control:= AVars("lieu") THEN
        temp:=0; // do nothing
        temp:= breviplanet(nameplanet);
        temp2:= EVAL(Astro_Lab_4.PlanetCoordinates({EVAL(temp),lista}));
        lapp:= temp2(1);
        b:= temp2(2);
        R:= temp2(3);
  // end use Astro Lab 4

AVars "lieu" is in Astro Lab 4, we control if it exists, and if not nothing will be changed, otherwise it's used the function PlanetCoordinates() in Astro Lab 4 and the result will be treated into Effemeridi, in some parts: very interesting!

I advice to install and use Astro Lab 4, to have a better experience with Effemeridi also.


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