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RE: tri-graphs
(08-26-2015 06:59 AM)tigger Wrote:  What would you recommand to me? Is it better to begin with ti-Graphs? Would it help to understand programming in a better way? Still I am not at the Level of programming but more at the Level of understanding programs.

Trigraphs are merely a way of representing unusual characters, not a style of programming. Whether you write
« 1 2 + » (using actual program quotes)
<< 1 2 + >> (using common shorthand)
\<< 1 2 + \>> (using trigraphs)
is a matter of personal preference. When you key the program into the actual machine, you will use the actual program quotes, not shorthand nor trigraphs.

(08-26-2015 06:59 AM)tigger Wrote:  Are the any program examples for the HP50g for beginners.

There are MANY excellent programming examples, complete with explanations, in the programming section of the Advanced User's Reference Manual, which every good programmer should have. It's freely available here:

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