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Victor MEC calculators from the early 1970's
08-29-2015, 06:58 PM
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RE: Victor MEC calculators from the early 1970's
(08-29-2015 06:23 PM)Gene Wrote:  
(08-26-2015 04:03 PM)Don Shepherd Wrote:  Ah, for the engineers!

I saw one like this on Ebay recently but can't find it now.

Wait, here it is

I have no interest in this auction.

Great looking calculator.

Here's a version that's green. Notice the column of missing buttons!

Green MEC

And, again, as Don said, I have no interest to buy or sell this unit.

Yeah Gene, I saw that one. That's the model without memory. It is interesting that Victor decided to keep the same production format for both machines (memory and non-memory), but just put caps over the places where the memory keys are on the non-memory model. Which raises the question, if you removed the caps and put something you could press in their place, would the memory functions then work (in other words, maybe both use the same firmware)? I'm tempted to buy it and find out, but I won't. I got the pictured MEC/225 from that seller and she offered to throw that green one in for $5, but I declined since the battery terminal was broken.
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