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HP-41 MCODE Chess ROM ?????
10-04-2015, 04:19 PM
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RE: HP-41 MCODE Chess ROM ?????
(10-04-2015 10:45 AM)Paul Dale Wrote:  Wasn't my chess for the 28S the first general chess implementation for a calculator? Certainly the first graphical chess for a calculator.

Not that it was overly playable. I spent a couple of days at my first job beating this implementation as quickly as I was able. At one move a day, it still took a while.

It was beyond hopeless but it did obey the rules.

Never saw that one but your HP-41 program posted in the museum library is included in the new "POKER" ROM. I thought about adding it to the CHESS ROM (the real one, FOCAL-based) but there's too much code that'd need moving for that to happen. BTW on the CL 50x turbo this one takes about 1-3 minutes per move in level-4 !

I also remember a great HP-85 Chess Tape that played decent and had great graphics, that was fun to play as well.

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