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Create function by program and store as variable ?
09-29-2015, 06:37 AM
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RE: Create function by program and store as variable ?

It depends on your definition of a Lambda function.

But first, I was talking about PPL, NOT the CAS programming which is, in some ways more powerful, and in other more frustrating (the 2 languages do not have the same target applications/aim after all)...

A lambda function is generally seen as a sequence of statements declared in a statement and passed as parameter to a function which will do the evaluation.

In PPL, you do have calls like MAKELIST which to take an EXPRESSION as an input and evaluate them. This is, in some way a very simple type of lambda function. You can even have that statement call a program function for more complex evaluation.
BUT you can not do:
MAKELIST((I) BEGIN Complex algo here that takes a lot of lines RETURN result END 1, 10, 10);

which would be a full blown lambda function.


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