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Printed users guides from HP
09-27-2015, 12:45 PM
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RE: Printed users guides from HP
My mistake! I should have said, in the US, the 50g never included hard copies of the useful User Guide or the AUR, but it did include a very short (~30 pages) "Introduction-to" type manual.

Also, my comments on the 35S were also with respect to the US market.

Regarding all these models, although it sure would be nice to have such a multi-hundred page manual (or 2) included, this would have had a significant impact on both the product cost and packaging, both prohibitive in US sales channels.

Overall, I prefer the decision HP made, that is, to develop and produce large, useful manuals and make them available via PDF (btw included on the CD which did come with the 50g and Prime, and I believe later 35S machines), rather than to provide only a smaller, less useful manual which does fit in the package.

Do any similar calculators from other manufacturers include a printed manual?

--Bob Prosperi
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