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09-28-2015, 02:36 AM
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RE: RPN-1250
(09-28-2015 02:01 AM)matthiaspaul Wrote:  
(09-27-2015 06:17 PM)Benoit Maag Wrote:  What it does not have (vs HP-29C) is:
- indirect addressing
- ABS function but this can be easily programmed as x<0? CHS
- Polar/Rectangular conversions (sorry Den)

There can easily be implemented but there are not any keys left to include them without complicating the UI - any suggestions?
The original layout (as far as I could decipher it on the photo):


      PRGM  CHS   /
F     IP    EEX   FIX
G     FP    NOP   SCI

7     8     9     *

4     5     6     -
LN    LOG   SQRT  x<>y
e^x   10^x  x^2   Rv

1     2     3     +
1/x   in>mm mi>km lb>kg
y^x   mm>in km>mi kg>lb

<     0     .     ENTER
CLR   pi    F>C   LASTx
I took the freedom to rearrange some keys in order to add some of the missing functions. My suggestion would be as follows:

GTO   BST   SST   <

R/S   1/x   CHS   ENTER
F     Rv    x<>y  LASTx
G     SCI   FIX   VIEW

7     8     9     /

4     5     6     *
LOG   LN    SQRT  y^x
10^x  e^x   x^2   |x|

1     2     3     -
in>mm mi>km lb>kg F>C
mm>in km>mi kg>lb C>F

0     .     EEX   +
PSE   IP    pi    P>R
NOP   FP    >DRG  R>P
- Combined R/S run/stop and F/G modifiers to something like F/G/R/S. Normal function is as F/G modifier, but if pressed three times in a row, it will work as R and run the program. In a running program, pressing the key will work as S, that is, stop the program. This will make it work as F/G modifier again.
- Combined CLR and ALL. First F+CLR will invoke "Clear", either F+CLR+< (or F+CLR immediately followed by F+CLR again) will invoke "Clear All".
- Added P>R and R>P functions
- Added |x| function
- Rearranged some assignments for an IMHO more logical, easier to memorize layout and more convenient usage (although various compromises had to be made given the very limited number of keys):

- EEX directly invocable and part of the numpad
- pi is often on the same key as EEX
- IP/FP are semantically related to decimal points
- PSE is often on same key as 0
- RCL is used more often than STO
- Operations 1/x and +/- are frequently needed and typically located close to Enter
- Rv and x<>y are frequently needed stack manipulations and should be easily accessible
- LOG and 10^x in same column as 1 for mnemotical reasons
- LN and e^x in same colum as 2 for mnemotical reasons (e=2...) (Another possible order instead of LOG/LN/SQRT could be SQRT/LN/LOG, but it would not group SQRT near y^x.)
- Enter key above op keys, not below them. This makes the four op keys line up nicely with the numpad
- Delete (<) in upper right corner




Thank you for the suggestions ! I will look into that.

BTW, there were a few things tha are not visible on the keyboard:
- pressing F/G 3 times currently loops back to no prefix (CLEAR-PREFIX) - maybe I can use NOP as the CLEAR-PREFIX option, or as R/S.
- G-ENTER actually calls an Escape Mode where the display brightness can be adjusted, the version of the software can be displayed and so on. So I would need a way to get there.

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