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cross calling ppl and #cas ???
10-05-2015, 07:13 AM
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RE: cross calling ppl and #cas ???

Easy answer: I can't even remember!

Ok, looking in the code, here are the rules:
From PPL to CAS
- Parameters are NOT evaluated prior to the CAS call Unless it is a list
- All local variables in the parameters are replaced by their values (because CAS does not have access to local variables)
- Parameters which are Strings are parsed by the CAS parser
- CAS default variable is changed to X, Y and theta depending on the current app
- CAS function is evaluated
- CAS default variable is restored
- CAS Result is transformed into PPL construct and returned

from CAS to PPL
- All arguments are evaluated
- Arguments are transformed into PPL constructs and PPL function is called
- Result is transformed back into CAS and returned


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