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HP 50g Error and user Manual Error
10-29-2015, 10:00 PM
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HP 50g Error and user Manual Error
Just noticed an error on page 6-10 of the user manual that came with my HP 50g years ago...

In the explanation of the SOLVE environment, they use the equation e^x - sin(pi*x/3)=0.

They show a solution (a root) of ~4.5E-02. This is actually an extremum, (f(x)=~.9989) which the Prime correctly shows in it's solve app. I confirmed that the HP 50g handheld produces this error. The HP 50g user manual then shows another solution (of infinitely many) that can be found by putting a guess of -3 into the field for "X". This correctly produces ~-3.045.
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