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HP50g forums / community is there such alive?
11-04-2015, 01:43 PM
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RE: HP50g forums / community is there such alive?
(11-02-2015 01:54 PM)Vtile Wrote:  I challenge the owners of the 50g to go trough the HP48II, HP49g, (< out of production who knows how long) HP50g program list and test which one works (atleast which doesn't corrupt the memory at start) in HP50g with latest ROM and generate a list of such programs.

There's no need for such a list. It's quite easy:
* If there's a 49 version of the program you look for, then use that one.
* If there's only a 48 version and not a 49 version, try the 48, it will likely work fine, otherwise somebody would've already "ported" it to the 49.
* Anything done for a 49/48GII/49G+ will run on a 50g, with only a few exceptions:
a) Games using grayscale may not look good on 49G+/50G due to hardware difference.
b) Programs not using the larger screen of the 49G+/50G may have a blank or garbled area below the soft menu (but work fine otherwise).
c) Programs depending on specific timing (mostly games) may work too fast on the 49G+/50G. There are programs to slow down the clock on the ARM models that help with this.

As you can see, you'd find mostly games have issues, "serious" programs work fine 99.9% of the times.
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