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Definite integration yields a strange answer. (Solved)
11-13-2015, 08:44 PM (This post was last modified: 11-14-2015 09:01 PM by pwarmuth.)
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Definite integration yields a strange answer. (Solved)
I've run into an interesting output when I attempt to do perform a definite integration.


This doesn't seem to be correct. This is correct, but is not in a form that is applicable to what I am trying to do. I want the real-valued answer See here:^_Real
I also tried this in the home screen, thinking that this was just an unexpected behavio of the CAS.


No dice. Here are my CAS settings for anyone curious.


When I perform this on other calculators, it returns the correct (real-valued) answer of -27/20. Does anyone know why the Prime is returning this?


Here is my version information:


It is also noteworthy that this is after resetting the calculator (with the button in the back) to ensure that the settings were defaulted and all variables cleared.
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