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Woodstocks completed :)
01-25-2014, 08:40 AM
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Woodstocks completed :)
Finally got a complete line of working Woodstocks by putting my hands on a cute little HP-29C. Smile Playing with it - hey, was programming primitive then! Nevertheless, Woodstocks are the family of calculators I like best from a design (not design! Wink ) point of view: a geometry which fits my hands very well, a weight feeling right, a very nice keyboard, and quite a solid packaging. In a way, I love it. Smile

Now I should turn to my 19C waiting for overhaul / repair for some years. Geoff, what happened to your book project?


(Yes, I know of that terrific charger design - although I don't remember that bothered me and my 25C back in the Seventies at all. Continuous memory was a great step! About the only thing I missed was an L.R. function - with that, it would have suited my demands perfectly; I definitly wouldn't have looked at any Spice and hardly bought an 11C.)
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