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Internet streaming media box
12-12-2013, 06:28 PM
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Internet streaming media box
Was finally able to upgrade my 'net connection to something reasonably able to stream video and want to pick up a simple box to attach to my TV (via HDMI or component). I already have a MythTV computer, but want something easier to 1) setup and maintain, 2) for wife and kids to use.

Was thinking about Chromecast - cheap but no Amazon Prime streaming and really not impressed with its current selection and functionality.

Looks like the best alternative is a Roku, probably a '3' for as much future-proofing as reasonable. It does not stream youtube, but it looks like going into developer mode and side loading a channel will work. I like that the '3' has dual-band WiFi, ethernet, more ram, and faster processor.

I'm considering current support, ease of use, future support and maybe hack potential...

Strong for or against these or other choices?

Any other thoughts?


P.S. Had to come up with something to break in the off-topic forum!
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