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SandMath_44 4x4 on the NoV64
12-21-2015, 09:57 PM
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SandMath_44 4x4 on the NoV64
In the SandMath_44 4x4 manual, it says:

Quote:Plugging the SandMath 4x4 module requires using the bank-switching configuration options on the 41-CL (as well as on Clonix/NoVRAM, or the MLDL-2k).

This suggest that it's possible to run this module on a NoV device. However, the NoV64, the largest device, only has 32K flash available if the HEPAX capability is used. This will hold the 32K of SandMath 4x4, but there is no room left over for the Library 4 dependency. Will this work if I disable HEPAX (and access to RAM)? Is there any way to put a module in RAM and keep HEPAX?

Also, I'm not clear how one takes a module like SandMath that comes as a .MOD file and translates it to what ClonixConfig requires, a .ROM file. Is this something Diego has to do? His latest CD, from 9 March 2015, has SMATH44L and SMATH44U ROMS. Which version of SandMath exactly do these correspond to?
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