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synthetics and the DM41L
01-08-2016, 08:26 AM
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synthetics and the DM41L
Whoooo HOoooo!

Made a backup of my plethora of aviation programs using PuTTY and dumping the files then copying to a text file. Reset the calculator and then restored the files confirming the serial transfer works.

Then I 'memory lost' the calculator with a reset! This so that I could create the famous Byte Grabber using Kieth Jarretts "41 Synthetic programming made easy".

Following the instructions I created the synthetic lines needed to create the famed "load bytes (LB)" program.

Late tonight so I am stopping at this point but will use the "LB" to create the Synthetic "make synthetic key assignments" program.

The calculator did freeze on a mistake by me, but reset at the back of the calculator fixed that! Started over and now have the "LB" program created.

So for those adventureous types out there here is the dump of the completed "LB" program. Just envoke PuTTY and hook up the DM41L, follow the instructions to load the dump into your calculator and you will have the "LB" program installed. Will save you time creating it!

Here is the dump for the LB program:


04  01000000000000  00000000000000  00000000000000  00000000000000
08  4b010000000000  00000000444e45  11100000008000  00000000000000
0c  00000000006177  1a70016919c177  0000003c048008  00000000007070
bc  00000000000000  00000000000000  00000000000000  41414141410000
c0  f000000004aa35  f0040231f73f41  00000000000000  00000000000000
174  00000000000000  00000000000000  00000000000000  00c0230dc6002d
178  00000000917db2  ce7d907591f171  9673b600000000  00000000f27f83
17c  b400b200060000  0000917d749773  ce7d7691f07100  9672b5007a0000
180  0000000000ce76  00000091769b72  7ece75f37f2a2a  11ac0ea81000ce
184  aa11a812ac0fa8  13a814aa12a813  00000000ce7eaa  00001b14400000
188  00000000000000  84ab16b6006f00  f27f3f7e917575  178305f1209b72
18c  404004111a1010  685f11401a114c  0aaa0ca80bce7e  aa0aa809aa0ba8
190  08a806aa09a807  a906aa07a805aa  75ce7ea904a905  75f47f000002ce
194  9f087e89907c91  f67f2052454753  689c00a91d9b73  1df22b2b031743
198  87a9157e1c1110  ac32b300118383  2bc000f3004c42  027386841df22b
A: 027386841df22b  B: 0000003c046177  C: 0000003c0480fd
M: 00011cd5ff73cb  N: 000000000c1420  G: 00

Soon I will post the "Synthetic Key Assignment" program so you can create synthetic key assignments!

I feel like a kid again! Byte Grabbers, Load Bytes and synthetic Key Assignment programs.

Cheers all

p.s. let me know if you are going or have used it.
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