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Pocket Operator
03-05-2016, 05:50 PM
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RE: Pocket Operator
(03-04-2016 06:26 PM)Dave Britten Wrote:  
(03-04-2016 06:00 PM)Joseph_21sv Wrote:  Well, there is at a premium and there is at a premium. The trouble is that it is difficult to tell when it crosses over from feeling justified to feeling like a highway robbery, and it is very easy to unknowingly tip over from "justified" to "highway robbery". That is a premium of $120 for a new stock 42S was justified while the $59 premium for this synthesizer is unintentional highway robbery.

Right, I can't speak to these synthesizers specifically (I'm not a musician, and I've never used these, or really any other synthesizers), but they look like the sort of thing that could easily satisfy a niche of the market if they're well-executed. Just surprised to see so many discounting them off-hand simply because you can get a more general-purpose device for similar/less money, even if it may not be as well-suited to the (very) specific task these are designed for. Extremely special purpose devices are pretty much the whole point of this web site, after all. Wink

Well, the more general purpose devices available for similar/less money than this synthesizer are also already encased, while the protective case for any of these six models costs extra money and it still leaves the batteries partially uncovered. Add in a specially-segmented display, and, regardless of the quality of the synthesis engine, you get that they are mass-producing and selling at a premium what would be a prototype/proof of concept for any more serious brand.
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