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Opinion on HP41C for CL conversion
03-03-2016, 04:46 AM
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RE: Opinion on HP41C for CL conversion
Yeah, I figured model train paint and some clear poly over it.

I was hoping for a 3D printed silver one to be available, but I have an extra bushing, the keyboard has the silver trim around the edge, and I have some black/silver P-Touch label tape so it will look really nice when it's all done.

Appreciate the advice on the donor. 37 year old HP calculator, I just want to proceed carefully. It really is a nice looking tall keys. To my untrained eye, it looks unused.

My 'flagship' isn't as nice, it had daily use when I was at the defense contractor, and it had already been modded with the 2 speed, either as bought or I sent it in. So flagship is a little less pristine.

I do have a Time Module for the CL too.

Funny, my dearly bought AME Port Extender is maximally useful with my HP41C, and now with the CL, it is obviated that much more. Of course, I could get another 41C I suppose . . . .

yeah, I ordered a Port Extender, and really with 'flagship' already having full internal memory, I really can't plug it in to that one.

I do have a CV, and 2 tripled Xfun modules, so the Port Extender isn't 'useless' but the Tall Keys was the best unit for it.

Why is collecting so complicated?


2speed HP41CX,int2XMEM+ZEN, HPIL+DEVEL, HPIL+X/IO, I/R, 82143, 82163, 82162 -25,35,45,55,65,67,70,80
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