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[Solved] Units > Tools > USIMPLIFY() output?
02-03-2014, 04:37 PM
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RE: Units > Tools > USIMPLIFY() output?
(02-02-2014 03:30 AM)Tim Wessman Wrote:  The issue basically boils down to "which units in the whole mess of units should it use"? Since there are so many units that can potentially contain identical base construction it is essentially impossible to make it work perfectly for everyone. In this case for example, it is matching "stokes" which is m^2/s.

There probably needs to be some additional tuning to go on here to improve things. The goal wasn't to make it work the same as UBASE or similar as that really isn't the goal of the command, but let it try to match base units into other unit form. Perhaps some configuration to let it match imperial/metric, or specific units when there are matching signatures could make it more useful.

Thanks Tim - I should have looked under units/viscosity for Stokes. The Prime did its job...
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