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Hp-42s, what is it worth today?
03-20-2016, 01:48 PM (This post was last modified: 03-20-2016 01:49 PM by SlideRule.)
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RE: Hp-42s, what is it worth today?
Quote:Hp-42s, what is it worth today?
what I could expect to get for mine.
Hmmm... two seemingly divergent questions.
As to what is it worth - current trends, market, etc. many, many variables but discernible to an upper and a lower price based on an evaluation / assessment.
As to what can I expect - lowest price if moved quickly, highest price if patient.
What are your expectations and do you have a FIXED price in mind. Everyone here will give you sound advice and counsel, BUT everyone here will also appreciate a 'good deal'.
My advice, put a price on it and list it in the classifieds, otherwise, enjoy the dialog!


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