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HP-IL to Arduino bridge
04-06-2016, 05:34 AM
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HP-IL to Arduino bridge
After my previous post on an HP-IL bridge to Bluetooth and an HP-IL Display, I have worked on the idea of bridging the HP-IL world to the Arduino world. This extends the HP-IL capabilities to new sensors or devices.
For example the following photo shows a use case similar to the ATC-0010 Relay Actuator:
The other example is using multiple analog gas sensors on a mikroe Arduino board:
The software is based on Jean-Francois Garnier, Christoph Giesselink and Tobie's work. I have just added a new lib for IOs.

This is how it works on the HP-71, suppose you want to work with arduino pin 2:
To turns ON output 2
> OUTPUT :1;"C"
To turns OFF output 2
> OUTPUT :1;"c"
Read input 2
> OUTPUT :1;"2"
> SPOLL (1)

Now suppose you want to turns ON output 7,8 and 9:

Now let read an analog signal:
To read analog input A0:
> OUTPUT :1;"."
> SPOLL (1)
To read analog input A1:
> OUTPUT :1;":"
> SPOLL (1)

In the following you have complete list of the commands to used with the HP-IL_GPIO_Relay.ino code:

Pin 0 and 1 are reserved for the PIL-Box uart connection.
All sources are available, I can post them if someone is interested.


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