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Updated 41Z : Deluxe Edition available
05-10-2016, 05:01 AM (This post was last modified: 05-10-2016 07:06 AM by Ángel Martin.)
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RE: Updated 41Z : Deluxe Edition available
(05-10-2016 01:33 AM)derekamos Wrote:  As everyone is so concerned about stopping Angel getting 'old age' in his fingers, here is my chip-in - it may help.

Artificial-variable Free Solution Algorithms for LP Models by Hossein Arsham, deals with tremendous changes to basic simplex matrix ops, as originated by Saul Gass. Even in some of Gass' latest books there is no real update to the old 2nd world war work. Here is an update worth a module or a 4k? page somewhere. The Jean-Marc Baillard site (link shown above) has some RPN work in samples on these updates, which show 1/3rd faster routines than the older matrix ops. Arsham' work is a revolution in this field, through his 'push/pull' method.

Programmed in mCode & run on a 41CL the routine speed should be blinding? How does this sound for an interesting/insightful/advanced piece of work (no hardware involved).

Garth that sounds beautiful but you're obviously over-estimating my abilities on both accounts, MCODE and Math... as well as my capability at this late (brain) age to learn the numerous new tricks required to pull this off... But it's intriguing, and it's in the right direction for ideas.

Besides it seems there's a fly in the ointment, judging by articles like this showing counterexamples to the Artificial-free method.

I\m not sure about enhancing the CX EDitor, but I'm ruminating on a couple of potential new projects. The first one is getting the FORTH module to a more stable state, which right now it appears it's not. Every time I look into that one I see a tremendous amount of work done with a good structure and approach, but not quite complete. I need to revise my notes as well as the few threads on that subject from the forum that were posted in the past.

The second is the extension of the OS to allow for more registers and RAM access - and here we're talking 41CL only. The Expanded memory module uses all the extra RAM space above 1FFF but the OS is not. On initial (light) inspection I encountered a couple of road blocks why it wouldn't work but I'm still not throwing the towel. Mind you, modifying the OS is a *very* touchy subject that one should not attempt unless absolutely all consequences have been clearly studied...

Of course these two are tall orders, probably only approachable joining forces with other folks (too much for a solo project). Partners in crime are welcome (Greg, you reading this? :-)


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