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Square Roots of Complex Numbers (CAS)
04-23-2016, 09:12 PM
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Square Roots of Complex Numbers (CAS)
It is great that expressions like sqrt(2^i) don't freeze up any more with the new update. And simply entering sqrt(i) will stay in the CAS, symbolic realm as (1+i)/sqrt(2), which is fine.

However, entering something like sqrt(1+i) will get approximated right away. If the user wants to approximate this expression, he/she can use Home, or press ~ in CAS - - but it doesn't make any sense to have, for certain symbolic expressions, a numerical approximation forced on the user. For example, 3root(1+i) at least gets re-written as exp(1/3*LN(1+i)).

I know there is an issue with C++ exceptions (if I remember right) - - I was only hoping that this might have been resolved by now.
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