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Card Reader breaks cards on writing, reads fine
05-10-2016, 12:09 PM
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Card Reader breaks cards on writing, reads fine
After repairing my card reader, i was using it for a few days now on a more or less daily basis. It always worked flawlessly, i never had problems.

Today i read one program, modified it, and wrote it back to the same card. Doing a VERify afterwards gave me "malfunction".

I wondered why that might be, reset the calculator, tried a few other cards, wrote a short demo program to write on an empty card and so on. this is the essence of my search:

- Cards with valid programs on them get read without problems. The program on them is correctly loaded into memory.
- Cards with valid programs can be VERified without problems.
- This is also true for multi-card programs.

- known empty (new) cards will be read, and afterwards show "CHECKSUM ERR" which means they are read successfully, but contain no valid data.

- If i am in PRGM mode and put a card into the reader, it pulls through without any error. It looks like the card has been written successfully. This is also true for multi-card programs.

- freshly written cards will show MALFUNCTION on reading and on verifying (But not CHECKSUM ERR).

- If i take a cards with a valid program, i can verify it fine. I also can read it fine. After writing the exact same program back onto it, they only give MALFUNCTION (but not CHECKSUM ERR).

So, it looks like the reader reads everything fine, but breaks cards on writing. I disassembled the reader again and cleaned the head, to no avail. I also used the head cleaning card, also without any news. Any ideas on that?
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