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Assembly programming (Z80 / eZ80)
05-14-2016, 07:41 PM
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RE: Assembly programming (Z80 / eZ80)
(05-14-2016 09:06 AM)Csaba Tizedes Wrote:  Hello,

If you have some (or lot) experience on Z80 (and others from this family) assembly programming, please share which editor/assembler/linker is the best for programming on PC (under Win7 or other operating systems).

Which is the best for developing assemby programs for TI calculators?!

Thank you for any information!

For straight Z80 coding on the PC in MSDOS (or DOSBOX), I use an old product from 1988 by Micotec Research.

The assembler is Paragon ASMZ80 version 5.0B.
The Loader is Paragon LODZ80 version 5.0b.

The final result is an Intel format hex file.

I use this package to create z80 programs for my Sharp PC-1600.

Smithville, NJ
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