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Casio College fx-80 : which IC hides inside ?
06-01-2016, 03:53 PM
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RE: Casio College fx-80 : which IC hides inside ?
You're right and I do know that these ICs are specific. It's simply some kind of curiosity : was it from Hitachi, NEC or Toshiba* ? The fx-80 is special because the IC markings are not visible without dismantling it, which can be risky for the display. On many other calculators, you simply need to open the machine. Should I have a spare one, especially not working, I'd already have it totally disassembled.

My purpose is that sometimes you actually can tell which processor or microcontroller is at work ! A machine I recently got (desktop 4-banger with printer) has a Mitsubishi IC from the M50740 family : its core belongs to the well-known 6502 family.

* : the many other Casios I have are mainly NEC and Hitachi-based, very few are powered by a Toshiba processor. In the more recent ones, the chip-on-board technology makes the identification a highly destructive process. Did you take a look at ?
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