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Classic, Woodstock and Spice Emulators
09-22-2016, 06:02 PM (This post was last modified: 09-22-2016 06:06 PM by Dieter.)
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RE: Classic, Woodstock and Spice Emulators
(09-20-2016 10:28 PM)I Wrote:  You really should try this special printer font. I think it looks great. ;-)

Here is a screenshot (as usual, click to the view full size image):


The more I look at it the more differences compared to "the real thing" I discover, but still I think the overall impression matches quite nicely, especially the slightly slanted characters of this font.

There are only a few issues. For instance the printout seems to replace some special characters and symbols by those from another font. Take a look at the X<>Y in line 93. Since the character widths do not match this line is out of alignment (here the line is a bit too short). I am not sure how this character replacement is implemented exactly, maybe you (Bernhard) can shed some light on this. Also I wonder why the divide symbol is "/" instead of "÷".

And then there is the line spacing issue (compare the output with a picture of a real 19C). I already suggested a possible fix, but maybe you have another idea. The listing on the right of the picture gives an impression of how it could look like.

And maybe someone in this community even is able to design a dedicated HP printer font for the 19C/97 and other printing calculators from this era. In this case we would have to define some special characters.

BTW, the position of the print mode slider obviously is not saved in the "ContinuousMemory" file. Maybe this could be changed.

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