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[CAS] PART FUNCTION on sum of n terms
07-09-2016, 10:13 AM
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RE: [CAS] PART FUNCTION on sum of n terms
(07-09-2016 08:03 AM)parisse Wrote:  Correct. That's precisely because I knew the limitations of having binary + and * that I designed Giac with n-ary + and *. One of the limitation (that is perhaps not obvious on a calc) is to be able to handle sums with a very large number of arguments (for example 1 million). With binary + the last argument would be so much embedded that many symbolic operations would segfault because of stack overflow during recursion.

I agree. Symbolics in newRPL also have n-ary + and * (there's no CAS yet, but the expression format and compiler/decompiler is finished). Much easier to scan for terms or factors in a flattened tree than a binary tree.
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