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Why solve() is not solving?
07-07-2016, 10:22 PM
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RE: Why solve() is not solving?
Yes, this is what i'm executing:

Cmd: √(-ω^2*μ*ε*0.00000125664*8.85419e−12+()*ω*μ*σ*0.00000125664)▶gamma(ω,σ,ε,μ)
Result: (ω,σ,ε,μ)->√((-ω²)*μ*ε*0.00000125664*8.85419e−12+()*ω*μ*σ*0.00000125664)
Cmd: gamma(1,1,1,1) 
Result: 7.92666386315e−4+7.92666386322e−4*
Cmd: solve(gamma(x,1,1,1) = 7.92666386315e−4+7.92666386322e−4*())
Result: []
Cmd: fsolve(gamma(x,1,1,1) = 7.92666386315e−4+7.92666386322e−4*(), x = 1)
Result: 4.88592031168e−9+5.90761930892e−7*
As you can see, the result of fsolve is way different from 1.

Cmd: √(-(2*π*f)^2*μ*ε*0.00000125664*8.85419e−12+()*2*π*f*μ*σ*0.00000125664)▶gamma(f,σ,ε​,μ)
Result: (f,σ,ε,μ)->√((-(2*π*f)²)*μ*ε*0.00000125664*8.85419e−12+()*2*π*f*μ*σ*0.00000125664)
Cmd: gamma(1,1,1,1)
Result: 1.98691997624e−3+1.98691997635e−3*
Cmd: solve(gamma(x,1,1,1)=1.98691997624e−3+1.98691997635e−3*)
The emulator crashes after this command. The calc instead solves this. The result is: {0.999999999998+5.53621719455e−11*}
Cmd: fsolve((gamma(x,1,1,1)) = (1.98691997624e−3+1.98691997635e−3*()),x = 1)
The emulator crashes after this command. The calc instead solves this. The result is: 0.999999999998

(I'm using the character sigma (lower case) σ, that is an alias of the character sigma (upper case) ∑ which is the summation function, as a variable. I don't think this is the problem beacuse i'm using it in both situations...)
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