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Text files import/export on HP-41CX, HP-IL, Mac OS
09-01-2016, 01:21 PM (This post was last modified: 09-01-2016 01:34 PM by dayd.)
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RE: Text files import/export on HP-41CX, HP-IL, Mac OS
Thank you very much Joachim and Jean-François for your replies,

I finally have now a solution to to transfer text files back and forward, sometimes what a man need is just… a little push!
I do have explored the LIF-Utilities (for an amount of time that will stay confidential), but I don’t really know why, files didn’t compile correctly. At the time I thought maybe it wasn’t fit for the 41cx but only for the 71b, I was wrong. After Joachim response, I give it another try and get things done in the first attempt.
The alternative J-F solution is indeed very interesting. If I understand correctly, ASCII data served by a device will be be compiled by the HP41 into a text file. I look forward to test it later on my development process as for now I do not have access (yet) to the Extended I/O ROM. I guess DOSLINK can run on small connected devices which can lead to original applications in the 41.
For those who may be interested I will, in a later post, show step by step how text files can be imported to the HP-41 using Joachim multiplatform version of ILPER (pyILPER) and lifutils that you can found here

Best regards,
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