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[HP-35s] direct stack designation
09-05-2016, 02:20 PM
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[HP-35s] direct stack designation
Hi All,

I am no hardcore number crunching math guy, am just a graphic designer with a love for calculators (and rulers and compasses or any other measuring instrument...).

I discovered the wonders of the HP-41CV lately by getting one at SwissMicros. Loved it and thought I'd get me a modern version with the 35s. I know it's already quite old, and everything has already been said about it. As for me, I must say I'm a little disappointed. Many things which made the HP-41 so cool have been left out (and quite frankly, I don't get why that is so).

So here's my question: is it right that, on the HP-35s there is no equivalent to the stack manipulation syntax "STO . Z", or "RCL . T" found in the HP-41?

I can't find anything like that in the manual and would like to know if I should really completely forget this feature (which I love and use in programs on the HP-41), or if there is a way to achieve the same kind of functionality.
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