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This is a code viewer for HP-Prime
07-20-2018, 02:57 AM
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RE: This is a code viewer for HP-Prime
(07-18-2018 08:23 AM)scorpio72 Wrote:  I know this app is here for some time but is it compatible with the last FW 2018 ?
On my machine, it starts and asks for a prog to open then nothing happen.
Could you please confirm?

Yes it is, however the author is trying to allocate a gigantic screen image for display which is why it doesn't run on your hardware. The memory limits are being exceeded.

Take a look at the line DIMGROP_P(G1,768,14*rowm+5)

That is trying to allocate an image that is 768 pixels wide, by 14*512*+5 high *32 bits per pixel .... ~22MB. Previously at 16bits per pixel it is possible it might have worked on a rather empty unit.

So that is why the program is not working. In order to work properly on hardware, a routine that either handles a smaller portion of the code at one time, or some other more intelligent methods will be needed.


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