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New RPL firmware for 50G - Revisited
02-19-2014, 02:50 PM
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New RPL firmware for 50G - Revisited
Just wanted to inform the community that this project has effectively started. Very soon we'll have a mailing list and a website you can join to track our progress and help shape the new language.
In the month and a half or so since I posted the original thread, a lot has happened behind the scenes.
We've been having very interesting discussions and we have now a prototype implementation of the new RPL engine, still incomplete but moving at a good pace.
Just as a teaser, the new compiler allows declaring local variables anywhere you want (as opposed to being limited to the -> a b c << >> syntax, which is also supported for compatibility reasons), and after declaration any references to the variable will be automatically optimized into internal GETLAM/PUTLAM commands, making local variables almost as fast as using the stack.

So far we have:
* Integer type with basic arithmetics (64-bit integers).
* Strings
* Local variables
* Overloadable basic operators
* An extensible compiler that doesn't need to change when you add commands or even new object types.
* A basic runtime environment capable of executing all of the above.

This is just a humble beginning, so stay tuned because there's a lot more to do. I'll inform in this forum when the mailing list and website are up and running.

Claudio (and the newRPL team!)
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