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HP-67 FUN rom documentation thread
12-02-2016, 09:16 PM
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RE: HP-67 FUN rom documentation thread
(12-02-2016 05:19 PM)Gene Wrote:  2) ART (Artillery): Needs labels and registers updated. I also would like someone to verify the example game I put in. Did I do this correctly or is there a mistake in the program somewhere?

The program seems to run correctly. I changed the RNG to the method and seed of the original HP67 version, and the results exactly matched the example.

However, the program's output seems a bit ...counterintuitive as far its interpretation is concerned. But it works. Here is an example for the ROM version. For a quick success the target speed was set to 0, i.e. it doesn't move after a shot. ;-)

       XEQ "ART"
SEED?  0,4711 R/S
       0 f [b]           (set target speed to zero)
 45                      (target is *roughly* at 45°)
       45 ENTER 30 [E]   (try this bearing and an elevation of 30°)
BRNG: 45,0
ELEV: 30,0
 8,2570                  (a bit to the left, and 2570 m off target)
       60 ENTER 30 [E]   (so let's try a bearing of 60°, same elevation)
BRNG: 60,0
ELEV: 30,0
 6,0860                  (much better, we're just 860 m short)
       60 ENTER 35 [E]   (so try a somewhat higher elevation)
BRNG: 60,0
ELEV: 35,0
 9,0120                  (left of target, but very close, elevation seems fine)
       61 ENTER 35 [E]   (so try a bearing of 61°)
KILL                     (got it!)
DIST: 41,2               (shell hit only 41 m away from target)

(note1: 60,8° ENTER 35,2° would have been a (nearly) direct hit)
(note2: Pressing [C] yields (rounded) bearing = 61° and distance = 9422 m)

Regarding registers and labels:

R05: shot counter, doesn't seem to get used
R06: shell's rounded distance from target
R07: shell's rounded direction from target

LBL 01: adjust target position by a random amount
LBL 03: generate hh.DDDD output
LBL 05: doesn't seem to be a jump target
LBL 07: check if target has approached to less than 500 m. If yes...
LBL 08: ...display "close" message and "*gotcha*" => game over
LBL 09: change exact bearing/distance slightly by a random amount

(12-02-2016 05:19 PM)Gene Wrote:  Everything else is done. I have done some document formatting. Perhaps a table of contents will be added. I may put the page number into the XROM table at the start.

Gene, I think the most important part here are page breaks. Each program should start on a new page, and I think this should also apply to every listing. I also think that the a) b) c) ... thing at the labels/register section is a bit confusing and should be omitted. Just my 2 cents.

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