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Reviving an old HP 32SII
12-21-2016, 12:02 AM
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Reviving an old HP 32SII
Hello all,

I was going through some old belongings in storage recently and came across my old, battle-tested HP 32SII calculator from high school and college. I had relegated the calculator to storage after thinking it was dead. I decided to try and revive it yesterday and realized that the calculator just needed a new set of batteries and a hard reset.

The calculator had still has some issues with button responsiveness and LCD screen readout. I have been able to regain button functionality by replacing the old foam underneath the keyboard ribbon with a few strips of mouse pad foam, but I am still having trouble with the LCD readout. As you can see in the attachments, some of the LCD "boxes" that make up the digits/characters don't light up when activated.


You can also tell from the picture of the screen with the contrast turned all the way up that those "boxes" are still somehow turned off, which indicates to me that they're either broken, or I perhaps have some faulty connections on the interior.


Has anyone come across an issue like this, and if so, what's a potential fix? Thanks all for the assistance.
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