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Solver Problem 'Maybe'
01-04-2017, 05:17 PM
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Solver Problem 'Maybe'
Below is the equation for a Circle.

R^2=(X-H)^2+(Y-K)^2. The solver will solve for R=7.2801.
X=4, H=2, Y=-6 and K=1 R^2=53.
You can solve any of the variables except 'X'. Solving for X returns '0'.

Re-arranging the formulae to solve for X.
Note: SQRT below instead squareRoot sign on calculator.

X=H+SQRT-(K^2-2*Y*K-(R^2-Y^2)). Note: 'H+'
Now I can solve for any variables including 'X'. 2+2=4

Of course using X=H-SQRT-(K^2-2*Y*K-(R^2-Y^2)). Note: 'H-'
cannot solve for X either, since -SQRT-(K^2-2*Y*K-(R^2-Y^2))=-2.
Which may be a clue????? Its seems that the Solver precedes the SQRT sign with H- instead of H+ and returns '0' instead of '4'.

The other option is, maybe I've had too much to drink over the Holidays.

Thanks BM
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