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01-06-2017, 05:29 AM
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(01-06-2017 04:31 AM)Tyann Wrote:  Bonjour
Program et Note nous renvoie la liste des programmes et des notes présentes
dans nos calculatrices, mais nous n'avons pas d'équivalent pour les applications.

Les applications personnalisées peuvent fournir des fonctions utilisables par un programme
ou une autre application, il faudrait alors pouvoir tester la présence d'une application pour informer
l'utilisateur que telle application est requise et ne pas déclencher d'erreur.

Une Avar('"nom"):=valeur, commune à tous les programmeurs créer dans chaque application
personnalisée pourrait répondre au besoin en la testant avec IF ERREUR
Une fonction commune à tous serait encore mieux.

Qu'en pensez-vous ?

Program and Note returns the list of programs and notes present
In our calculators, but we have no equivalent for applications.

Custom applications can provide functions that can be used by a program
Or another application, then it would be necessary to be able to test the presence of an application to inform
The user that such application is required and do not trigger an error.

An Avar ('"name"): = value, common to all programmers to create in each application
Custom could respond to the need by testing it with IF ERROR
A function common to all would be even better.

What do you think ?

There is a command called AVars, but this is for the creation and recalling of variables specific to an app. AFiles is a similar command.

Usage: AVars("varname") and similarly AFiles("filename")

There is also a binary version AFilesB("filename"). However, it appears that you are requesting something along the lines of Applications which, like Programs and Notes, presumably returns a list of user applications, and can presumably be used as Applications("appname"). The way Programs and Notes work, though, is that Notes("notename"):="blah" creates a new note. Similarly with Programs("programname"):="blah". I too would like a list of currently installed applications, though I really have no need (and think it would be quite cumbersome) for Applications to behave like Programs and Notes when used with an argument. Your suggestion for the behavior of Applications("appname") sounds interesting.

Maybe there could additionally be another keyword like appversion. This could work in tandem with Applications("appname") which basically serves as an alias for the fully qualified app variable appname.appversion (i.e. it basically returns whatever is specified in appversion). The programmer simply defines appversion in their source (for example: appversion:={ "Offical App Name", 1.25 } where 1.25 is the version of the app). Then the "magic values" in appversion can be tested like you suggested.

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