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Does anyone have an HP-46 printer for parts?
01-11-2017, 02:16 PM (This post was last modified: 01-11-2017 05:54 PM by Pcip.)
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Does anyone have an HP-46 printer for parts?
I recently got an HP-46. The seller said it wasn't working, but indeed it was, and although filthy, it is like new, with a new manual, cover and literature. All for 30 euro. Of course, the infamous printer double gear disintegrated after a few seconds of use, but thanks to member Sadsilence (thanks again, Werner!) I was able to put the printer up and running again.
Anyway I got very unlucky this time. After a while I heard something like a metallic small "bang". The printer was stuck. After disassembling more I found that two little internal "hammers" had broken up in three pieces. The hard part was to take them out of the mechanism. I spent more than two hours doing that.
Anyhow now the printer works flawlessly, but with two positions missing (I can choose which ones to leave out).

I was wondering if any member here has one of those hammers.
I learned the hard way that these printers should not be put to work without a thorough cleaning.
Hardened grease, useless old oil together with dust and dirt accumulated in 40 years and more will make the bomb tick.


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