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Error: Invalid Input on my program
01-17-2017, 12:39 AM
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Error: Invalid Input on my program
Hello, and thanks for answering, I'm new to the forum so please tell me if this is the wrong sub-forum.
I recently got an HP Prime, I can't believe how simple it is programming it, however I encountered a few problems when creating a UI for input.

I made a program based on style 2 of:

The code for my program is:

EXPORT PuntoFijo()
 local n,xact,xnue,fx,err,N,f,f1;
 N:=100; xnue:=1;
 if input(
    "Metodo del punto fijo",
    {"f(X)=", "f(X)=", "Error=", "x0="},
      "Ingrese la funcion rodeada por comillas simples",
      "Ingrese la funcion depsejada rodeada por comillas simples",
      "Ingrese el error maximo",
      "Ingrese la raiz aproximada"
  ) then
    for n from 2 to N+1 do
      if abs(fx)<err then break; end;
Basically the same structure, only modified to implement a different numerical method.
The program passes the check.
The problem arises when the program is running; when I try to input the first algebraic function (between simple quotes), I get the message: "Error: Invalid Input", even if I try to input something as simple as a parabola.
Am I doing something wrong?
Is there something my program is missing?
Thanks for your help.
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