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Leaving original user input in verbatim on CL after execution... any ideas?
01-31-2017, 03:11 PM
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RE: Misbehaving ENG num format... any ideas?
(01-31-2017 02:56 PM)tastyelectron Wrote:  
(01-30-2017 06:08 PM)Simone Cerica Wrote:  CASIO-like ENG key for HP Prime:

Neat. I've implemented something similar, but the above is a bit more advanced.
In mine, I've added the following to my USERKEYS program:
KEY K_Eex()
IF (HFormat==0) THEN
Which is a quick shortcut to swap between Standard number formatting and the last Engineering number formatting used. It's activated by pressing [Shift][User][EEX] (and then [ESC] because the prime jumps to either the Apps screen or a generic Help screen when this variable is changed. A small bug, but tolerable Wink)

The program above always returns either 0 or 3 (because it always returns the result of the last operation within the program). The way the user keys works is that when the re-defining program returns a number, the user-key system will mimic the key corresponding to that keycode. So 0 is the keycode for the [App] key, and 3 is the keycode for the [Help] key. You can use return() and specify a different keycode. Another alternative is to return a string (even an empty one) which starts the command line.

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