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Integer part and other little tricks (CASIO fx-50F)
02-16-2017, 02:46 PM
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RE: Integer part and other little tricks (CASIO fx-50F)
(02-15-2017 08:45 PM)Csaba Tizedes Wrote:  Smile OK, the two solution is not comparable, because you don't check the IP of the square root=0, you check the FP>0. This is works on the 50F also, but you can feel that FIX0+RND is works but this is a cheating Wink

The logic in the FX-180P version is, if there is a difference between X and ROUND(X), that saves one step.
The combination of FIX0, RND und NORM is very useful and it can be seen as a programming trick, because it
is not mentioned in any CASIO manual. A more obvious trick is using x^2 and SQRT, due to the missing ABS.
A size optimized program for the greatest common divisor, that makes use of it:

 01  x<->y
 02  =
 03  x^2
 04  SQRT
 05  x>0
 06  x<->y

Usage example: 861 - - 615 P1

(02-15-2017 08:45 PM)Csaba Tizedes Wrote:  Have you got any other little code for these blind programmable calcs?!

Another one is Vi├Ęte's formula on the FX-180P:


 01  Min
 02  KAC
 03  2
 04  Kin1


 01  2
 02  Kin*1
 03  Kin+2
 04  Kout2
 05  SQRT
 06  Kin/1
 07  Kin2
 08  1
 09  M-
 10  MR
 11  x>0
 12  Kout1

Usage example: 10 P1 P2

or Fun with the Casio fx-180p / fx-3600p

(02-15-2017 08:45 PM)Csaba Tizedes Wrote:  If I collect my 50F codes into a short document can I share this version with your nick?!

Yes,of course. Nice to see that you like the programming on this very limited devices.

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