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AriCalculator is a home made pocket calculator.
10-30-2018, 06:43 AM
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RE: AriCalculator is a home made pocket calculator.
I've read a document somewhere that explains how CORDIC can be used to do pretty much everything except hang the washing out. Regardless, I used straightforward long multiplication and long division and a nifty algorithm that gets you a digit of precision for each iteration to calculate sqrt(x).

CORDIC got me sin/cos and I just divide one by the other to get tan. I have a good algorithm that uses 1+10^(-i) constants for exp(x) and ln(x) but have found a way to get sinh/cosh & co. using CORDIC so will no doubt use that.

Results are encouraging. I'm using a DM42 to calculate the constants I need and to check my results. I'd be stuffed if I didn't have that starting point Smile

For now I'm just using the standard gcc toolchain in 64-bit Linux and producing a static library that I'm linking to a test program to obtain/test results. When the time comes to start testing on LPC1115 hardware, I'll be using the ARM-embedded toolchain. It's the same one as for the DM42.
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