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Programming Challenge!
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RE: Programming Challenge!
(02-20-2017 04:39 PM)Han Wrote:  After a quick glance at the BASIC code, I wondered if you may be better off looping on L from 1 to 125 (or 126?) and then calculating T to be T:=T+0.2; or T:=L/5. This avoids having to round off with IP().

That's true but since I was trying to stay as close as possible to the original, I opted to keep the same looping. I also wrote a much better version that uses an algebraic technique rather than this iterative solution. It's much shorter and more accurate but I didn't use it for the same reason as above.

  RETURN -16*T^2+V*T;

  OMODE:=HAngle; //Save current angle mode
  HAngle:=1; // Set degree mode
  PRINT(TAB(9)+"0   +");

  HAngle:=OMODE; // Reset original angle mode


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