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HP 50g Limit Help
02-23-2017, 06:32 PM
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RE: HP 50g Limit Help
Pascal and Simone! Thanks so much! It worked perfectly the first time I tried it out. But now I have one more question in the functionality of the SERIES function. I do not understand the concept of the "order" that you put on level 1 of the stack before executing the function SERIES. How do I know what number of order to use? Keep in mind that I have not learned anything about Taylor Polynomials and I don't know too much about limits yet. I am only in Calculus 2.

Jebem. Yeah, I would LOVE to get a Prime mainly for it's touchscreen because it is so useful when graphing. But I am thinking of getting a HP 48gx first while I can because there are only so many of them left out there. Plus, I don't have too much of a budget for buying calculators...yet

Again, Thank you all for helping me out!
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