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Porting HP48 Program to HP50g
02-27-2017, 12:44 PM (This post was last modified: 02-27-2017 12:51 PM by Han.)
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RE: Porting HP48 Program to HP50g
(02-27-2017 07:24 AM)Joe Horn Wrote:  Unfortunately, turning that source code into a working library would be almost impossible, because that source code was written in HP 48 Jazz notation using the HP 48 System RPL command set.

Jazz has been ported to the HP50G, so you could try to compile yourself and see where it leads.

Place the MAKE420 string onto the stack, and assemble it (or try to); if you run into errors, you might try posting here to see if anyone can help.

Quote:To translate it into 50g System RPL, *many* things need to be changed (e.g. the HP48's System RPL command MATTRN needs to be changed to FPTR2 ^MATTRN for the HP 50g), and many commands have no 50g equivalent at all (e.g. I noticed QRMOD in the 48 source code, but QRMOD doesn't exist in the 50g command set, and would either need to be replaced by some other command with equivalent functionality -- if such exists -- or rewritten entirely).

If Jazz runs into commands that it does not recognize, it will give you an error and an error location, which you can then immediately use with the editor to find the command. If you then do a search for the command (see the Jazz documentation), you might find its equivalent in the entry catalogue -- which will tell you what type of command it is. For example, if MATTRN produces an error, searching for MATTRN should reveal the entry as being FPTR2 type.

QRMOD is one of the commands that gets created by the library. If there are commands that do not have an HP50G translation, Jazz will help you find them pretty quickly.

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