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How to use RPN mode with Functions?
03-03-2017, 12:05 AM
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How to use RPN mode with Functions?
Hello - I bought a Prime ages ago but only recently tried to use it. My 15C had been quite sufficient thus far.

Anyway I entered a function definition and then tried to resolve it at the Home screen using Textbook entry, and it was fine.

But when I switch to RPN mode I get a syntax error.

E.g., if I define F1 = X^2 (for example)

Textbook mode, I press Vars and then find the symbolic F1 entry, it shows F1 on the Home screen. Then I press the () key and then enter, say, 5. Then ENTER, and it would resolve to F(5) which is 25.

But RPN mode doesn't work. Gets error.
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