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Anybody read a good manual lately?
03-16-2014, 05:49 PM
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RE: Anybody read a good manual lately?
Bought myself a nice copy printed copy of the WP-34S as it's the first decent manual(for ANYTHING!) that I've seen in years.

Mostly, IF you're LUCKY, you get a little fold out sheet printed in microscopic characters in a zillion and one languages of useless information which takes maybe 10% of a languages space with the following space of CYA legal liabilities, limitations, and warranty information.

Also you may or may not get a cd with a pdf "manual" that may or may not(more likely) contain more useful info.

Even games come with crappy useless little manuals today, not like the old SSI manuals or the Fallout (1 & 2) manuals(these even had recipes...)... (OTOH I used to just install and start playing games and read the manual later for clarification if at all as half the fun for me was figuring out the game itself just from playing...)
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