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What IS this and who is Dave?
03-24-2017, 04:16 PM
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RE: What IS this and who is Dave?
(03-24-2017 04:03 PM)Geoff Quickfall Wrote:  Sorry, poorly written question. I was wondering here if there was a set up code in one of the 4K blocks that should not be erased.

For example, I cannot test with the xromtest function so I am assuming these were erased then reloaded with the Dave assembler one in upper and one in lower.

The “XROMTST” function was part of the test EPROM delivered with the device from factory. This has been replaced by the DAVID Assembler + Mainframe Labels EPROM set in your device. The 10 bits of each instruction word are split across the two EPROMS: the lower 8 bits in the L8 EPROM and the upper 2 bits in the U2 EPROM.

You can reprogram the EPROMs or program new EPROMs with a different content. You’ll have to split a module ROM image into two files, one for each EPROM (lower 8 and upper 2 bits), using a utility program such as HIGHLOW.EXE included in SDS-II.
But if you have already a CL it will looks like going back to stone age ... Smile
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