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Low Battery Asterisk - HP10C
03-24-2017, 08:26 PM
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RE: Low Battery Asterisk - HP10C
(03-24-2017 07:39 PM)John Cadick Wrote:  Should all three of them be making contact with the battery terminals. What am I missing/

I have a similar age 10C I just examined (though all early Voyager models should be the same), the contacts look the same. If old batteries have leaked in the bay in the past, sometimes the dried battery crud surrounds the leads and prevents contact. Again, a gentle clean with DeOxit will remove the crud and prepare the surface of the leads.

On mine, on each end, the 2 outer leads/contacts seem to extend inwards (towards the opposite end of the battery bay) more than the center one, at least making it appear as if only those leads 2 touch the battery. Can't tell for sure once the batteries are in place.

I can't tell from the photo if your leads are the same, but if not, VERY gently pry the 2 outer leads upward (away from the wall) using a dental pick, fine-point tweezers, etc. But I'd try simply cleaning and testing with known (voltage tested) good batteries first.

--Bob Prosperi
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