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integration problem
03-30-2017, 09:00 AM (This post was last modified: 03-30-2017 09:12 AM by leprechaun.)
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integration problem
I have a simple question about doing calculations. I suppose it is a simple one, or to be more precise two questions.

Question one.
If I use the "x t phi n" KEY on the android app of the prime it gives an x. If I do so on the virtual prime it says n.The physical prime is on the x side again. Can someone explain the n on the virtual prime to me? I tried deleting the cas vars.

Question two.
If I want to build a table like int(sin(x), start, pi/2) == factor*int(sin(x),0,pi/2), where factor is in the range from 0..1.
How would I do that best? Hope the task is clear: a table of start angles resulting in an equidistant, increasing area under the sin-curve.

Thanks a lot

even more problems.

integral(SIN(x)dx,0,pi) = approx(-180*COS(pi)/pi + 180/pi) a b/c -> 86.11E-3 on the physical prime (!)
integral(SIN(n)dn,0,pi) = 2 on the virtual prime (n because of question 1)
integral(SIN(x)dx,0,pi) = 2 on the android app

What is happening on the physical prime??
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